• datum & diskurs

    Following the motto "Empirical Theory - Discourse", the publication format date & discourse takes empirical reality as the starting point for educational theory formation and invites colleagues from school and classroom research to a qualitative empirical examination of data of various kinds: The central idea is to bring together analytical contributions from different methodological and theoretical perspectives based on an empirical point of reference, which we call “datum”. We understand the essays that emerge from the examination of the date as the opening of a scientific discourse that is promoted by replicas and re-replicas and continues until the complementary, critical, contrasting contributions (temporarily) bring it to conclusion.

    Date & discourse advocates multiple and competing perspectives on empirical constructions of reality. Complementary analyses are the central characteristic of the journal date & discourse. Analyses are carried out by scholars from various disciplines contributing to the data material of the call. Thus, date & discourse enters the field of secondary analysis or reanalysis with data from (completed) research projects.

    Date & discourse explicitly aims to be as open as possible to complementary, secondary and reanalysis. The aim is to oppose (already established) readings, to question and further develop theories. In this way, the editors hope to do justice to their ambition to create a publication format in which multiple and competing perspectives on empirical constructions of reality are taken up and discussed.

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